New at this sort of thing.

I am new at this sort of thing. Posting stuff on the internet. Actually not entirely new because I have used other sites where I have posted various short comments in relation to what I am doing at that moment; ‘On my way to the festival, hope its not too muddy this year’ type of comments that are not particularly thought provoking but possibly a helpful reminder to others that they should wear a good pair of boots in case it really is as muddy as last year.

I think my reason for being here, and by here I mean on this WordPress thing and not some deep existential question on the reason for my existence is to follow some people or rather their posts which I can relate to or learn something or perhaps add something to in the form of a comment.

I am hoping to find things of interest relating to Pagan beliefs, nature, Dartmoor and outdoor type stuff as well as music and perhaps anything else that can make my internet usage a richer experience. Hopefully at some point I may be able to do the same for someone else.  In which case its best I find something interesting to write about.

I have attached a photo (or at least I think I have) of a stone circle taken in Fernworthy Woods on Dartmoor.  I have done this because I have thousands of pics I have taken on the moors and I am likely to want to share a few. Not because I am good at photography but because I love Dartmoor.


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