A short walk around the stone rows and cysts at Merrivale. I took the photo of the largest standing stone, which is in the South, at exactly 12.00 with the sun directly above it casting a perfect shadow.

Autumn at Burrator.

I posted pictures a couple of months ago of some walks I have done around the popular Burrator area of Dartmoor.  I have recently gone back to see the Autumn colours in the trees. The colours were beautiful as was the walk through the carpet of mainly Oak leaves that covered the paths. Wonderful to witness the…

Celebrating Beltane.

A tad late posting these pics! We had a very busy week during Beltane. We had a ritual in Duloe Stone Circle in Cornwall. A sacred wells walk also in Cornwall. Camped out on the moor so we could be up to see the sun rise at Beltane and watch the Beltane Border Morris perform…

More Dartmoor Pics from 2015; A woodland walk.

I have thousands of pics from Dartmoor. Its my favourite place. I have a deep connection to the moor. No matter what the season or conditions I always feel at home there, connected to it, peaceful and often energised. I love the open moor and also the woodland and river walks. Here are a few…

Recent walk around Wistmans Wood.

These pics were a few weeks ago. Lovely day on the moor. We sat for an hour in Wistmans Wood on a large rock and absorbed the feeling of the moor.

Wet morning on the moor.

A very wet morning on the moor. The rivers were the highest I have seen them. Postbridge was incredible. The river was almost touching the top of the bridge and it was the same at Two bridges.

New at this sort of thing.

I am new at this sort of thing. Posting stuff on the internet. Actually not entirely new because I have used other sites where I have posted various short comments in relation to what I am doing at that moment; ‘On my way to the festival, hope its not too muddy this year’ type of comments…