Dorset Coast

A few pics from the Dorset Coast from November 2015. Misty early on then clear blue skys and sun.


Recent walk around Wistmans Wood.

These pics were a few weeks ago. Lovely day on the moor. We sat for an hour in Wistmans Wood on a large rock and absorbed the feeling of the moor.

A stroll around Lopwell

An evening stroll around Lopwell. Lovely bird song. Plenty of Pheasants flying out of the hedges making us jump. Very muddy but a pleasant stroll.

Wet morning on the moor.

A very wet morning on the moor. The rivers were the highest I have seen them. Postbridge was incredible. The river was almost touching the top of the bridge and it was the same at Two bridges.

New at this sort of thing.

I am new at this sort of thing. Posting stuff on the internet. Actually not entirely new because I have used other sites where I have posted various short comments in relation to what I am doing at that moment; ‘On my way to the festival, hope its not too muddy this year’ type of comments…